113How Does Door Belle Dinners Work?

To launch, Door Belle Dinners is serving dinner pots for 2+ in actual dinner pots, either for pick-up or hot to your doorbell. We pride ourselves on hand-crafting your meals with love, and to showcase our love, we decided serving in actual dinner pots was a better option instead of plastic to-go/takeout containers.

Everything arrives ready-to-eat, and the pots stay hot for 1+ hours (we even have some fans telling us their meal was "very warm" after 2 hours).  If there is something in the dinner pot that is not welcome by anyone eating it, it is easily able to be removed.  We cannot accept customizations to any dinner pots, at this time. 

Options:  Dinner Pot Sizes

The actual dinner pots serve a minimum two people, and there is a Family-size for 4+ people.  If you are a single person wanting to try Door Belle Dinners, we recommend you get the REGULAR size dinner pot of any item, so that you have 2 meals to eat over the course of the week, or leftovers.  Some of our die-hard fans swear that a lot of the meals taste even better the next day or the day after that (please see reheating instructions below).

Options include: 

Regular Size option (2 servings), and Family Size option (4-5 servings).

Pick-up and delivery windows begin at 3pm.  Please call or text Meg for any special requests etc. 941-480-1606.

Same-Day Dinner Pot Pick-Up: Text/Call by 12pm:  941-480-1606 

For same-day dinner pick-up, please text or call the DBD kitchen by 3pm to see item availability, submit payment, and choose your pick-up time (first pick-up time begins at 3pm).

Deliveries are unavailable to order same-day, and must always be placed for next day delivery.  Like pick-up, delivery windows begin at 3pm.  We are closed on Sundays. 

We here at Door Belle Dinners, pride ourselves on hand-crafting your meals with love, and to showcase our love, we decided serving in pots was a better option for all our fans. But, this means we need your help as well. 

We do ask that the pots get returned to the kitchen within 3 days of your purchase (pick-up) or place back out by your doorbell by 9am the morning following your delivery (delivery/ship), or you will be susceptible to a $50 charge to your purchase card.  

1 Hour Windows Choices

Pick-Up & Delivery

When you checkout online or if you call or text for an order, you choose which hour window you would like for delivery (starting 3-4pm, 4-5pm, 5-6pm, etc).  We do ask you what your preferred time would be and we aim to hit that every time. 

However, since all Door Belle Dinners are hand-crafted with "slow-and-low" cook times, we need a window to make every meal as perfect as it can be.  With that said, we try to take down your cell phone number, when you order, to text you as your meal is cooking in the oven, as well as when your meal is actually out of the oven and ready for pick-up OR is en route to your doorbell for delivery.  This way, there is no waiting or anxious anticipation.  We keep you in-the-loop as best as we can.  If you don't leave a cell phone number, or prefer to to be bothered with text messages, we will happily call or email you when your order is ready, but please let us know this in advance. 

Please email: 

OR call with any questions:  941-480-1606  


Delivery Availability 

Delivery is available in select zip codes.  Please use the zip code checker at the bottom of your screen to check if delivery is available in your area.  We will be launching kitchens in new cities soon, so check back for updates.

Need help ordering?

You can order multiple ways:  online, text, or call.  You can place your order, submit your payment information, and we will take care of the rest!  If you need help, we are happy to do so.  Contact us:

Text/Call:  941-480-1606

Pop by our kitchen (ring doorbell for entry): 
113 Tampa Ave West, Venice, Fl 34285