Meet Main Belle, Meg Novack

Door Belle Dinners

Meg Novack, Main Belle at Door Belle Dinners.com

Meg grew up on the island of Venice, FL;
Venice is home to Door Belle Dinners HQ
You can read more about Meg's history below. 
For now, just know... 

Meg Novack, Main Belle at Door Belle Dinners, Venice, FL

Meg Novack is super fun-loving and loves to feed people.  She brings you a great number of experiences plus her love for food science.   She has her MBA and grew up in the restaurant business.  She has lived and worked in Spain, China, Ecuador, and the United States and feels simple ingredients, with the right amount of love, make the best meals, no matter location.

 Meg's idea of DOOR BELLE DINNERS came about because she really wanted to better the Takeout / Delivery space; eliminating one-use containers to help the industry impact on landfills, as well as getting HOT food to people and still having it HOT when they go to eat it.  Think about it, when have you actually bitten into a really hot takeout or delivered meal?

Door Belle Dinners Dinner PotMeg has big plans, and is in the process of scaling her ZERO WASTE, balanced and nutritious dinner pots.   Door Belle Dinners offers RETURNABLE dinner pots and carriers. 

Complete meals are cooked together in an actual dinner pot, and then served in the actual dinner pot they cook in too.  The dinner pots are later returned to clean for eventual reuse. 

Door Belle Orange Dinner Pot

Door Belle dinner pots always arrive HOT and should be shared.  Local ingredients wherever physically possible.

 Not to mention, all meals are layered with flavors, and use scratch-made bone broth (where applicable) to emphasize even more nutrition & flavor.

Meg Novack would love to cook for you !!

Door Belle Dinner Pot Orange